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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide high quality, comfortable and stylish household textiles to our customers globally through an innovative, ethical, inspired and world-leading organization and to educate our customers on the benefits and care of our products.

Corporate Background

In 2004 the current owners of Linen Drawer decided to combine their extensive knowledge of fabrics with their vast experience in retail and manufacturing in South Africa …. and so the concept of Linen Drawer was formed. Actual trading began towards the end of that year.

We began, by sourcing top quality pure cotton percale fabric. Once we had found a fabric that met our exacting specifications, we used the fabric to produce an extensive range of bedding and so the Linen Drawer brand was introduced to the South African market. The bedding was well received by the hospitality industry around the country. It was not long however, before we were being asked to supply duvet inners, cotton throws, towelling and a host of related products. We set out to partner with some of the top producers of quality brands in each of those fields and before long, were able to offer a virtual one stop shop for bedding, towelling and soft furnishings for the hospitality industry.

The business had initially been established as a bulk supplier of quality bedding and towelling to the tourism industry. Decorators and the public (many of whom had become familiar with our bedding because they had stayed at hotels that we supply) were demanding access to our products. In 2007 we set up the retail leg of our business. We opened a showroom in Paarl (our home town) and redesigned our website to function as a safe, secure yet simple to use, online bedroom and bathroom shop.

Products & Services

Linen Drawer is essentially a producer of top quality, pure cotton percale bedding, as well as a wholesaler and retailer of a comprehensive range of bed and bath linen and related products. Our products and service offering is targeted as follows:

  1. To the hospitality industry we offer our entire product range in South and Southern Africa operating through a network of competent agents. We focus on ensuring that the durability and performance of all our products are ideal for this industry. In addition to this we offer a laundry training workshop where laundry and housekeeping staff are trained on techniques and processes in the laundry with the intention of increasing longevity of the products and reduction in costs.
  2. To the decorating industry we offer our entire product range plus the specialised service of customising products through embroidery, design and sizing. It is possible to ensure that the bed and bath linen matches the décor of the bed and bath room.
  3. To the general public we offer our product range at retail prices, selling from our showroom in Paarl as well as directly from our online Bed and Bathroom shop – see

What sets Linen Drawer apart from our competitors?

  1. We focus on delivery. If we commit to delivering a product or service at a particular time…it will be delivered on time and with a smile. Integrity is a key driver for us and is evident through all areas of our business.
  2. Our products are all top quality. From our own range of Linen Drawer branded bedlinen, our cotton throws, bath robes, towels, duvets and our pure silk cushions… in fact, all of our products offer exceptional quality and value for money. Wherever possible, we make use of pure natural fabrics like cottons and silk… not only are the healthier, but they typically feel so much more luxurious than the synthetic equivalent. In addition, pure natural products often have a life span that exceeds that of the alternatives.
  3. We at Linen Drawer have a wealth of knowledge around fabrics. Their properties, how to launder them and how to get the best use from the fabric / product. We are happy to share our extensive knowledge with you. On our website we have a page dedicated to stain removal and how to care for your bed and bath linen. In addition we offer a unique service to the hospitality trade where, for a small fee, we will come into the laundry, meet with the individuals doing the work and train them on how to be effective in their job. The results of the training have been encouraging. Typically the training results in an increase in the lifespan of the products of around 30%.

Why buy Linen Drawer branded products?

Linen Drawer Product Information

Why should you buy bedding and bath linen from Linen Drawer?

Bed linen

  • Locally manufactured. We manufacture our products in Cape Town from imported percale fabrics. We have the ability to test and inspect the fabric and products – all under our control.
  • Long lasting.
    • The fabrics we use are tested for their durability and other physical parameters to ensure that we use good quality fabrics. We ensure that our products are suitable for the hospitality industry where performance/longevity is of crucial importance. The consumer of course also gets the benefit of this technology.
    • The finishing or sewing of the products is of exceptionally high quality and will not “fall apart” after a few washes.
  • Made to fit. The finished products are oversized to allow for shrinkage that takes place during washing and tumble drying. The products will be too big if they are not washed before making the bed. It is always recommended that the products are washed before use.
  • Luxurious. Our pure cotton percale fabrics are comfortable and luxurious due to the surface smoothness of the percale fabrics and the good moisture absorbency of cotton
  • Will not pill. The pure cotton fabrics will not “pill” – form small fibre balls on the surface of the fabric – as with many poly cotton fabrics.
  • Customised products. We can customise all our products to specific size, embroidery and satin stitch colours to suit your requirements.

We source a range of high quality products primarily from local manufacturers that are ideally suited for your requirements – fit for purpose.

Duvets and pillows

  • Fully washable. All products are fully machine-washable and tumble dryable. Down has been washed and sterilised reducing allergies.
  • Luxurious down proof pure cotton casings. All products are encased in pure cotton percale fabric making these very comfortable.


  • Highly durable. We supply snag proof towels in two weights that will stand up to 200 industrial washes.
  • Luxurious. We also supply luxurious heavier towels that are not snag proof.
  • Absorbent. All towels are pure cotton making them highly absorbent and durable.

Advice and support

We have extensive experience in the textile manufacturing and retail industries. We can provide the following additional services:

  • Advice on product suitability, sizing etc.
  • Recommendations on the maintenance of all products.
  • Problem solving especially in respect of laundry problems.

Clients & Testimonials

Client Name: Roxanne KrugerOrdered online. Exceptional Service. The products are of great quality. Thank you to everyone at Linen Drawer. I am amazed that I hadn’t heard about you sooner. Your company deserves so much more business.
Client Name: Rita WoutersThank you for dispatching my order so promptly and correctly. I am delighted with my purchase & will remember your company if ever I or someone else needs linen. Best wishes  & may prosperity fill your Linen Drawer.Regards
Client Name: Taryn KotzeThank you very much for all your efforts, professionalism and great service with regards to the Bathrobes ordered for my in laws, we were very happy with the final product and the above and beyond effort in order to get them to us on time. It is not often that you come across such great service and we just wanted to thank you for making it a pleasurable experience.
Client Name: Lynette FraserMany thanks for your email and up to date news of your fabulous LINEN DRAWER.I am thrilled with my purchases and looking forward to making the trip to Paarl and especially to the LINEN DRAWER.Your lovely ladies at the LINEN DRAWER, Hazel and Her Lovely Colleague are just WONDERFUL.They looked after me and my sister ,Louise so well.Have a merry Christmas and a peaceful,successful,healthy New Year.With warmest regards and thanks
Client Name: Louise EbbuttThanks for all your help on the phone – the service and quality from your company is fantastic!
Client Name: Mr. S DrummondFetched the package today and very happy with the product and the service. Will definitely order more!
Client Name: Berenice KilfoilCongratulations on your web site as well as your shopping site. The photographs of your products are excellent, the shopping cart works extremely well, as does your order follow up and payment confirmation.
Client Name: Doris CziganekI’ve received my parcel. Just wanted to say it is absolutely stunning! I will  definitely invest in another set (of bed linen).
Client Name: Claire HojemMy mother in law just ordered with you – I’m waiting on the duvet inner you’ll deliver soon. I received the other things yesterday. GREAT service. I will order the pillow and the rocking horse linen as soon as I have a bit more spare cash. Just love your product.
Client Name: Sureen GouwsEk het eers die week die linne uitgepak – dit is mooi en goeie kwaliteit, ons is baie gelukkig met dit!Baie dankie vir jou moeite met die bestelling – sal dit verseker bemark onder ons klients!
Client Name: Tanya ZietsmanTo whom it may concern,Thank you very much, I received the bed wrap today, I am very impressed with your speedy service! And I love the bed wrap! 
Client Name: Ivan FenyvesThis was the first time  – after long hesitation –  in my life that I purchased fabrics online, without previously seeing or feeling them with my own fingers.When the parcel  – very shortly after placing my order arrived  from the Western Cape –  and I opened it, my pleasant surprise way beyondimagination! The goods delivered were much nicer and better in quality than I expected. Thanks Linen Drawer for your fast and excellent service! I recommend everybody to use this comfortable way of shopping which will never disappoint you!
Client Name: Clara MatossianI am writing to you because I fell in love with your sheets staying at BabylonStoren and I would love to know where I can buy them in Cape Town.

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