Cancer Journey of Marion Peake

My cancer journey started on the 14th May 2018 when I was diagnosed with stage 3+ breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy and a lymph node removed. Great anxiety and fear come with this as the CANCER word is perceived as the end of life…but this was a start to a new session for me.

A year and half ago God blessed my husband and I with the vision to serve those in need at all Cost and now I was being tested. Daily I preach against the words fear, anxiety, depression and anger and here satin was putting me in a battle field and once again lost as God has given us a spirit of sound mind and not a spirit of fear.

I became more determined to glorify and amplify Gods greatness as sickness is not from him. Jesus was wiped 39 times in the bible and if you look up how many incurable diseases there are in the world the number 39 will jump out at you. Jesus declared freedom over every disease therefore we are healed by his stripes.

We go into underprivileged and forsaken homes to feed and clothe the children and in this its where we council parents and teach them how to love, respect and encourage no substance abuse, it’s in homes where you find hopelessness, anger, unforgiveness and we wanted to restore this so I used my testimony of being healed from cancer in just 3 months, I came, I saw, I conquered with Jesus by my side, if faith can move mountains then all things through Christ is possible..Correct?

On the 7th of June I had a double mastectomy and I awake from my operation and with my first breath taken all I could feel was my heart beating from my bare chest, the word GRACE came rushing to my mind and in that single roar moment I realized just how powerful this was and how much we take waking in the morning for granted. We rush off to our busy lives forgetting to laugh at the simple things life gives. No matter your situation or condition, praise God to be alive and be ready for a land of milk and honey pathed with golden floors always. Forgive daily and have no regret, that’s the success to a healthy life.

I may not have my physical breasts but I do see myself as the breast to the nation through our organization helping those in need where I get to feed, clothe , neuter so many moms, dads ,children and babies and still be a mom to our 3 foster kids along with our two children. Cancer has taught me to forgive and love so much more.

Your situation should never control your life but embrace it and see what God wants you to do with it. Cancer became an awaking to many around me thus made them value family, it was an inspiration to many as I fed those in need while on chemo and pushed through. You can do anything you put your mind on.

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