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Welcome to Silgonex, Welcome to Silver.

Silgonex enables anyone to create and manage their wealth through physical and digital based assets. Welcome to Silver, welcome to Silgonex

Physical Silver

We afford our clients the ability to own physical silver through the purchase of our 1-ounce silver coins & silver bars made from 99.9% pure fine silver by buying SIL. 

Digital Silver

SIL is our SILVER cryptocurrency coin. SIL is a 1-to-1 ratio coin and 100% backed by pure silver, 1 digital SIL = 1g physical Silver. Owning digital silver is owning physical silver. At any time can you get your physical silver via collection/delivery.

Crypto Exchange

We have our own cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade with crypto pairs. This also enables you to load these cryptocurrencies on our SILGONEX CRYPTO CARD and spend it in US dollars.

Limited Edition

The drive, purpose and reasonings behind why Silgonex chose to launch such a unique Silver coin being the “COVID SURVIVOR 2020” 99.9% pure fine silver was to celebrate and embrace a year filled with difficult challenges as well as some miracles too.

Only 1500 coins to be made. Buy your limited edition coin today.

Silgonex Crypto Card

The Silgonex Crypto Card allows you to liquidate cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT Tether and spend it in US dollars.

Crypto Education

It is our mission to educate people on the world of cryptocurrency. We offer free education that is focused on making the world of crypto as easy and understandable as possible for even the most novice of users.


To register and buy click on this link

  • Double coin box R300
  • Silgonex coin R655
  • Silgonex Valentine Coin R680
  • Covid Coin- Germ R850
  • Covid Coin 2020 R850
  • Silgonex Valentine Box Set R880
  • Silgonex Coin Box Set R905
  • Covid Coin Box Set 2020 R1100
  • Covid Coin Box Set Covid – Germ R1100
  • Silgonex 1kg Bar R20 235
  1. We not only sell silver – but have a Cryptocurrency coin that’s 100% backed by our silver
  2. We have our very own cryptocurrency trading exchange
  3. We offer education
  4. And we also give people the opportunity to earn an income
  5. We do not charge any membership or monthly fees


Silver has been recognised as one of the most undervalued commodities and the ​world’s Demand for silver is Growing at a rapid pace. We sell multiple forms of silver that range from 1-ounce coins to kilogram bars. Owning silver has never been this easy.

Silver Facts:

  • Silver is real money
  • Physical silver is a hard asset
  • Silver is affordable
  • Silver is more practical for everyday small purchases
  • Silver outperforms gold in bull markets
  • Silver inventories are falling
  • Industrial use is growing
  • Supply is about to fall
  • The gold/silver ratio favors silver
  • World demand is growing

History of Silver

For the past 5,000 years, silver has been recognized as one of the most valuable negotiable currencies among the great civilizations of the world, and that still holds today.
Ounce for ounce, silver is the least expensive of all the precious metals and is considered to be an asset that helps provide financial protection against weak currencies, as well as inflation or deflation.
It is a commodity that is recognized around the world and traded extensively, and for private individuals, it offers an interesting diversification.
Silver is also a commodity that can be collected and passed onto future generations and has remained in consistently in high demand throughout the ages.
Not only is it prized as a collectible, but it is also heavily used in industries such as the manufacture of automobiles, cellphones, and computers. Because demand remains high, many people believe the value of silver could increase in the coming years. Mean to say, silver is going to become the next gold. We have to have enough amount of silver when that happens.

For more information contact: Miggie Krauspe +27 81 414 5850

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