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LED billboards display advertisements on a large outdoor screen! This offers features not achievable with traditional billboards, namely the ability to replace ads frequently and readily, at the click of a mouse! A distinct advantage of LED billboard advertising is the high quality of advertisements. Ads displayed are more authentic-looking and can incorporate video. Our LED billboards can show full-length commercial advertisements.


Outdoor advertisements are one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach potential customers and clients. Additionally, this type of advertising costs 80 percent less overall than television, 60 percent less than printed advertisements and 50 percent less than radio advertising.


Most humans will quite naturally focus on an outdoor advertisement in comparison to the same advert in newspapers. LED Outdoor marketing is not only flexible, it can reach the widest audience in the shortest period. Market Research revealed that VIEWERS enjoy diversion and therefore the advertisements are well received.

Basic rules of LED billboard advertising.

6 Words or less.

Considering we are on the move when we read billboards, we do not have a lot of time to take them in. Six seconds has been touted as the industry average for reading a billboard. So, around six words is all you should use to get the message across. You can push this to a few more words depending on their length and ease of reading, but as a rule of thumb, less is more here. Concision is tough, but headlines that are small paragraphs will not get read. And that means, if you have a complex brand, product, or service, you should stay away from billboards completely.

Do not be a distraction.

Most of the time, billboards are aimed at drivers, bikers, cyclists, or pedestrians (which is why you have just a few seconds to get a message across). This causes an interesting dilemma for the advertiser; you want to get noticed, but you do not want to be responsible for major, or even minor, accidents. The iconic “Hello Boys” Wonderbra ads were guilty of this. Drivers were so fascinated by Eva Herzigova’s cleavage that they were crashing into poles, medians and even each other. So, while being distracting is paramount in many mediums, it is a fine balance with the billboard.

Not the time for direct response.

I have seen billboards covered in phone numbers and website addresses, knowing without a doubt that 80% of the people who read the billboard would not have called or logged on. A billboard is a secondary advertising medium, which means that it is for brand-building, growing product awareness and it is a supporting campaign. It is the ideal medium for getting your business noticed, establishing your brand in the marketplace, and reassuring the customer of their choice. There is no doubt that more exposure will translate to sales down the road.

Do not be too clever.

A boring billboard will be ignored. A smart billboard will grab the attention and leave a lasting impression. A billboard that is trying to be too clever, well, it will get lost on the audience. As a rule, you do not want billboards to make people scratch their heads and wonder what is going on. Complex visual metaphors are no good here. They say advertising should be like a puzzle to solve, it gives the audience a sense of fulfilment to know they figured it out. But billboards should be much simpler than that. Be smart, have fun, but do not give people puzzles that Einstein would have trouble solving.

Do not say it, show it.

Get creative with your billboard ideas. A flat billboard is the standard, but it does not have to be the norm. You can go 3D, have moving parts, have people interacting with it and even have your billboard animate. This is your opportunity to do something eye-catching and memorable, so go for it. The upside to this is it can create additional press, for free.


  • Billboards can target specific markets that no other advertising media like TV, radio or print can reach with pinpoint accuracy. Its ability to be strategically located in specific areas, cities, towns, or provinces can be effectively aimed at audiences.
  • Billboards announce the presence of a brand, and repeated viewing creates brand familiarity. This leads to potential customers being more reassured and comfortable with using your brand. In turn this leads to better sales.
  • Brand presence creates increased brand loyalty, and billboards help to improve brand presence and market dominance, and in turn this escalates sales potential and expanded customer bases.
  • Billboards are very cost effective when compared to other advertising media.
  • Billboards do not force viewers to experience information overload.


  • A slot will be 15 seconds long.
  • 4 Slots per 15 min
  • 16 Slots per hour.
  • 384 Slots per 24 Hour
  • 11 520 Slots per month (30 days)
  • Cost R 1 650,00 per month.

Package 2.

  • A slot will be 15 seconds long.
  • 4 Slots per 15 min
  • 16 Slots per hour.
  • 384 Slots per 24 Hour
  • 11 520 Slots per month (30 days)
  • Cost R 1 650,00 per month.
  • The 12-month agreement, the last month will be free. you will also receive a FREE 6 months, a business profile on Olka Bolka Market & Media with a link to your website, and once a week sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.


4 x 2 meters , Hight of board 3 meters.

Art work.

  • R 600,00 per design.
  • Static.
  • 2 Changes will be allowed.
  • R 60,00 per change after that.
  • .



Corner of Sullivan Street and Frikkie Meyer Blvd.


Location of Board  


  1. Material for advert and a copy of the script must reach LED Marketing 14 days prior to broadcast and is subject to approval.
  2. Bookings must be made 10 days before publishing.
  3. Cancellation is subject to 28 days written notice.
  4. Payment prior to publishing. No follow up booking can be done unless account is paid up.
  5. All suggested time is subject to availability.
  6. All rates are based on a standard 15 second commercial.
  7. PLEASE NOTE: All quoted prices are subject to change at LED Marketing discretion.

Should the above proposal meet with your approval, please contact Miggie Krauspe at 081 414 5850 to book your advert.

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