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Advanced Ambrotose®


Keep your immune system healthy with an advanced immune support supplement.

Every day, you’re bombarded with a hectic schedule, which coupled with a lack of consistent rest, can wreak havoc on your immune system. Our Advanced Ambrotose powder and capsules can help.

The Advanced Ambrotose product contains Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida), a brown seaweed, which helps it deliver a better balance of saccharides at a better value per serving.

But now Advanced Ambrotose is now even more advanced!

We’ve added Manapol™, a more pure and effective form of aloe vera gel extract that is exclusive to Mannatech. A proprietary extraction method provides Manapol with a high concentration of polysaccharides rich in the monosaccharide, mannose, which is an important glyconutrient believed to be responsible for the immunologic health benefits associated with aloe vera gel.

By adding Manapol powder, we’ve increased the glyconutrient content making this product more effective. Manapol not only provides a more pure form of aloe vera gel powder that has a higher molecular weight than others, but it is also richer in mannose, a key glyconutrient.

Advanced Ambrotose, now with Manapol. The best just got better – pure and simple!

Product information: Help Guard Yourself Against Harmful Toxins
With a Boost of Antioxidants

The world is constantly finding ways to attack your
body. From stress, pollution, processed foods and
even ageing, your body produces free radicals on
a regular basis. This creates a chain reaction in your
cells that can lead to damage and challenge your
overall health.
Fight back against oxidative stress caused by free
radicals with our scientifically proven Ambrotose AO®
capsules. With superior protection against oxidative
stress, the real-food ingredients in our capsules help
keep you guarded against the stresses the world is
putting on your body.
Start winning the fight against toxins by ordering
Ambrotose AO today!


There is nothing you can do to stop the production of free radicals. In fact, even
the healthiest person may have free radicals attacking their cells an estimated
10,000 times every day!

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